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 What can you expect of the DiGiHostWeb Webhosting

The DiGiHostWeb Webhosting will give you all the options of a professional hosting system. Together with you we will find or make a hosting package that suites for your website. Your website will be included in our large portal which will give you instead new visitors and will be linked by more then 350 sites. In our daily extending portal we have all kind of sites or products and we welcome all new type of sites or product. You can use several of our products for free on your website like, Online Editor - Tracking Control - Site Activity Control. All our servers have a special backup system on a second harddisk that will instantly update every change made on your site and, in case of emergency, will be activated without any change of losing data or that your site will go offline.

With instant updated reports so you can keep a track on your website activity.

Some of the Hosting Options;

1. Free Hosting and Registration, we will only have a banner place on your site

2. Info Site, 24,00 for registration and hosting

3. Small Business Site, 48,00 for registration and hosting, max. 5 pages
4. Medium Business Site, 98,00 for registration and hosting, max. 50 pages
5. Large Business Site, prices on request
6. Multilingual, for now we can do translations in English, Dutch, German and Portuguese
7. Special Templates and Codes Structure which we developed
And many other special options.
We are working on more languages and we welcome anyone who wants to work with us for translations, design, flash, scripting, advertising campaigns, affiliates and webmasters.

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DiGiHostWeb - Advertising Campaigns Websiteoptimization Internetmarketing Websitepromotion Searchengine Optimization