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Web Policies and Cookie Policy DiGiHostWeb

For all sites linked to this page, the following policies regarding the use of cookies.

DiGiHostWeb The Cookie Policy covers the use of cookies, Cookies or Magic Cookies are small pieces of information that a server to the computer of the visitor to a Web site sends and the computer store. Thanks to cookies, a website the visitor once they recognize the Web site for a consecutive visit. The site can therefore load faster, the correct language settings and other preferences of the visitor remember so you do not have to select each visit. Most websites use cookies to keep their customers faster and better service to.

How these websites use cookies and collect information

On these websites are three types of cookies:

 1. Session Cookies.Cookies
These are temporary cookies that only during your visit to a website (or even more specifically: until you close your browser after visiting the site).
Session cookies help the website remember what settings you have chosen one of the previous page 's This prevents you from every page on your language for example to set. The session cookies contain no personal information on this website and can not be used to identify you.

 2. Persistent Cookies
These are cookies that are stored on your computer by the website. These cookies remain after closing your browser on your computer. Persistent Cookies help this website remember what products in your shopping cart while shopping places on the website. The time that a cookie on your computer continues to be stored depends on the type of cookie off. On our websites contain cookies, no personal information about you Cookies are not used to identify you.

On these sites, persistent cookies as follows:

Language settings: if the website allows a choice of two or more languages ​​(for example in Belgium or Switzerland), a cookie on your computer. This file is stored on your next visit so you do not need to choose the language you prefer. This cookie is stored on your computer 6 months and then automatically deleted.

Shopping: When you select a product in the shop and it in your cart is automatically a cookie, are generated and placed on your computer. The cookie helps the site remember which products you have placed in the cart. When you complete the purchase, the cookie disappears from your computer. Completes your purchase within the current session and visit visit the website again at a later date, then you no longer through the entire ordering process for the product yet to purchase. These cookies last up to 12 months stored on your computer and are then automatically deleted. When you buy the products in your shopping cart, then the cookie is automatically deleted after purchase so that your cart is empty.

 3. Tracking cookies
Tracking cookies are used to provide statistical information on the use of the site to generate. An example is a report on the visits to specific pages on the website `s or a report on the average length of visits to the site. Based on data generated by the tracking cookies, the site owner improve the service to improve the Site.

How can you limit the use of cookies or delete cookies?

DiGiHostWeb uses cookies to gather personal information about you. However, if the use of cookies on your computer vendors want to limit or avoid, you can install this in your browser. You can then deal with the existing cookies on your computer. The help function of your browser will tell you how to prevent cookies placed on your PC already installed and how cookies can be removed. You can next to the Help function of your browser also visit www.aboutcookies.org (written in English). This site contains instructions how to enable cookies on your computer and find out how you can prevent cookies on your computer worden.Als the use of cookies is limited or even completely blocked, please keep in mind that this could affect the operation of the sites you visit. However, you can on your purchase voltooien.Als DiGiHostWeb sites do you want to view contents of a cookie, you can just click. To be able to read the cookie you have the use of eg notepad or another similar program. You'll find a short text structure of numbers and letters.

For more information, please fill out the contact form on the website. You will receive a answer within five business days.



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